A Great Example of Engaging Marketing

Here’s an example of engaging marketing from the folks over at Saddleback Leather. If you’re not familiar with the company, they are well-known for selling rugged briefcases, satchels, wallets, etc. with a 100-year warranty. They are so convinced of their bags’ durability that they feel your grandchildren will be fighting over your bag long after you’re dead.

On their FAQ page you can read the following:

How can I convince my honey that I need this?

So you want it. Now comes the hard part of convincing your honey that you need it. Maybe if you throw some of these phrases into the conversation, it'll help.

Her to Him

  • You know, I feel frisky just thinking about that leather piece.
  • I would just feel so sexy carrying this on my body.
  • I don't think I'd need to go shopping for another thing all year after buying something like this.

Him to Her

  • Looking at this case just makes me want to HOLD you.
  • I don't know why, but owning a hope and a dream like this, makes me want to just sit down on the couch and OPEN UP about the hopes and dreams we share.
  • Think of all of the extra TIME we'd spend TOGETHER on our long walks holding hands and showing off the leather.

Me to Both of You

You'll be more popular. You'll have more friends. What's wrong, you chicken? I might invite you to my birthday party. If you don't buy this case, then next year, when you're scouring the internet again looking for your next garage sale piece because yours is already torn or broken, your mind will drift back to my words. You'll slowly shake your head and say, "Man, was that guy right or what". And then you'll slightly squint, press your lips together and give a few small nods. I tell you what, buy it now or kick yourself later.

I originally began this post in July 2014. I've just checked the page and don't see the text there, which is too bad if they've since revised it, because I thought it was killer copy. If so, I'm glad to preserve it here.

No, I have not been paid to post this. In fact, I am not convinced that a Saddleback is for me, so don't go buying one on my recommendation. I dare say their material is as elegantly rugged as one could want.

Granted, there are people on various forums who find Dave, the president, a bit eccentric, maybe a tad arrogant? But, the language jumps out and inspires a reaction. I say his approach is working.

I spent a while looking at briefcase replacements. I assure you, no other seller is putting out their story in quite the same way as these guys.

Perhaps it’s time to look at our own websites and see how engaging our own language is?

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